Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cargo Bike Corner ~Tiffins

These first popped up around 4 years ago.You call them from your office before 11am to order your vindaloo,dahl,naan,etc and they  deliver it in a traditional tiffin tin via one of these beautiful Christiania cargo bike.Later, they drop by to collect the empties. I took this photo last week, glad to see they are still going strong.I love it when people support such a perfect idea.

links: Tiffins-Christiania Cargo Bikes


bikelovejones said...

Lovely! They look a little like the old-fashioned ice cream bike-trucks that can be seen all over Waterfront Park, downtown and inner-eastside Portland. Mostly vending ice cream sandwiches and popsicles, they're usually gone by Labor Day (early September, after which all the kids go back to school).

There's a high-end shop about a mile from ours that now sells Christiania box bikes, and while they're certainly beautiful, they're also expensive (by hourly-wage-worker standards), and you really need to have a garage to lock them up in at night before you even think about owning one.

slow rpm said...

Hi BLJ: The Aussie dollar is quite strong at the moment and these come in at around 3.5k. When you consider the cost of an average 20 speed road bike is around 6~8k ,let alone the cost of a second car, one of these would make pretty good sense. Still, they are cumbersome and slow, probably best suited for the suburbs. My choice would be a 2 wheeler box bike although I'm still dreaming, I know.