Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cargo Bike Corner

Seen at Salford Lad's Club

My heart skipped a little beat when I saw this lovely old Raleigh Gentleman's road bike outside the Salford Lad's Club the other day.There's nothing not to like, from the beaten up basket,the dynamo light, the chain guard and the old ,sun cracked  leather saddle.


BB said...

It's impossible to see a bike like that and not think of years of faithful service. Sort of like an old family retainer. Love the basket.

ian... said...

Theres probably lots of life left in it as well :>)

slow rpm said...

BB/Ian~I have a soft spot for Raleigh bikes.My parents,who migrated from England to Australia in 1965 both had Raleighs. Dad had a beautiful golden tourer and Mum had a green 'Twenty', which she rode daily to the school at which she taught. As far as I can remember,Dad only rode his a couple of times before it was consigned to the garage. I thought I was much to cool to ride the tourer and it was eventually sold, which I regret to this day. Raleigh really need to stop building their sad sub $600 mountain bikes and get back into the stylish upright market as Pashley have done so successfuly.