Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everything I've ever owned

I'm seeing more and more of these on my daily ride.Obsolete, unloved,unwanted, awaiting council collection. Spreading across the suburbs like a contagious sickness.It got me thinking about the oil spill in Louisiana and how indignant I felt about that.But what about all of these old CRT'flat' screens.Must be a couple of million in Australia, at least.Sure, they'll be recycled into plastic flower pots but eventually they're all going to the same hole in the ground. And what about all of the other oil based stuff I've owned in my lifetime? It's all still out there somewhere,slowly degrading into  toxic sludge over the next 1000 years or so. This cycling thing gives me a warm glow of self satisfaction but is it really enough?


bikelovejones said...

Of course it's not enough. Not in a million years.

Unfortunately, the things that need to change in order to make the world more fair are so far beyond the scope of what you or I can do, living in our little houses or apartments and earning our wages and keeping body and soul and family together.

The real truth, I believe, is that the detrius you see left out on the curb is the tip of a very lagre iceberg, so to speak, that was built by corporate and industry bigwigs in the name of enticing us to own more stuff so they can get rich. And because the rules of the game cannot be significantly changed by the likes of you and me, the game goes on. Mountains of things will be bought, sold, and eventually piled up as the discards of a society that has been coerced into unlearning the self-sufficiency and simplicity our grandparents and great-grandparents knew.

However, doing whatever we can -- whether it's growing our own vegetables, choosing the bike instead of the car, or wearing clothes until the wear out, patching them up, and wearing them longer still -- is far better than shrugging our collective shoulders and doing nothing at all.

So you keep riding, and I'll keep growing my own potatoes and mending my jeans for the umpteenth time; and we'll keep living lives of awareness and integrity that, on the best days, allow us to squeeze out a little hope for a more sensible future.

slow rpm said...

BLJ~thanks for your insightful comment. I'm a bit of an existentialist and think that 'whatever happens,happens' its' all part of our destiny and the best we can do is tinker around at the edges.I suspect we'll go the same way as the dinosaurs,albeit a lot quicker. At least when it comes time to shuffle off this mortal coil, some of us can rest easy. And that's probably quite enough 'philosophizing' this fine sunny Saturday morning!

cheers and happy weekend cycling,