Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seen in Gertrude Street

The Brooks saddle,the wood grain rims,the lovingly crafted porteur box over the front wheel, but what really sets it off for me is the crocheted D lock cover.


BB said...

Now I know what to knit when I finish the socks I've got on the needles! 'D' Lock knitted cosy in Hogwart's colours! Could I get any sadder :D.

bikelovejones said...

D Lock? Huh? I spent two full minutes trying to figure this one out until I saw the "U" Lock in the photo.

..::slaps forehead::..


I love the crocheted cover.
A group of renegade artists recently did the same sort of thing around some of the bike racks downtown Portland. Sadly, the city removed the coverings within days of their installation.

slow rpm said...

BB: this got me wondering as to whether you could make one of these with the old 'Knitting Nancy'?!

BLJ: You are exactly right. I think D lock is my mistaken name for U lock.



m e l i g r o s a said...

crochet ulocks cozies unite!! :D

slow rpm said...

Re the 'Knitting Nancy'.This was a children's toy from the 60's and 70's and perhaps earlier.It consisted of a wooden doll with a hole down the middle and some wire loops on the head.It came with a crochet hook with which you created an endless woollen tube which eventually emerged at the bottom. I never knew what the result was for until I saw this bike lock! (and apologies if you already knew of all things Knitting Nancy!)


BB said...

I remember those, we used to call them 'Knitting Dollies'. Yes, they would be perfect :)

slow rpm said...

BB: think I prefer the non PC 'Knitting Nancy'. (but then I'm not fussed by Noddy feeling a little gay!)