Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Build it,and they will come.....

......or will they? These beautiful,padded bike racks have been lying idle in a forlorn corner of the Docklands retail/office precinct for the last 4 years.Too far from the shops,too far from the offices to be of much use to anyone. I need a couple at home.Would anyone notice,I wonder?


ian... said...

I think you're right on both counts Ian. Build it & they will come (if it's in the right place!)

They look like a nice combination of racks :>)

P.S: I've changed my blog url btw - can you update your link? Cheers mate & sorry for the hassle (I know - I should've left it well alone!)

BB said...

Perhaps another case of town planning without consulting the target clients? What a shame, they're so numerous they should be outside a college or something.

slow rpm said...

No worries Ian. Thought you had changed the name as you sound anything but lazy!

Hi BB.Docklands is one of those places. 20 years ago it was full of ships ,stevedores and life.Now it's a wasteland of half empty shopping malls and sterile office /apartment towers. Fremantle is a good comparison. Still a working port yet it retains it's urban vibrancy. I hope they don't ever kick the ships out.(speaking as a sailor!)