Thursday, November 18, 2010

a most beautiful bike shop

Don't you love that little thrill you get when you discover something wonderful and new.We stumbled across possibly the most beautiful bike shop in Melbourne yesterday.Bakerlite trading company is located at362 Bay St,Port Melbourne and is the sole Victorian importer of Pashley Bicycles.I tried my hardest not to drool on the collection of Poppies,Guvnors,Classics and Paramounts.


ian... said...

Phooaarr - Pashley porn!

That Guvnor looks like the one with the wizzy 2-speed hub & coaster brake, where you kickback to change gear & a bit more to brake - no cables :>)

slow rpm said...

LRBB The Guvnor had a pretty weird set up with a very small chain wheel and a tiny freewheel. Something's going on but I don't know what it is.


bikelovejones said...


ian... said...

I was just about to post you the link to their 'site Ian, but it seems that they have dropped the model.

It looks like a Guvnor Plus 4. The other 2 speeds came from that small chainwheel - something called a 'SpeedDrive'.

Bizarre but very cool looking all the same!

It looks like they still do the single speed & AW3 hubbed models.

slow rpm said...

I know what you both mean.Too many beautiful bikes,not enough time,money and space. My top three dream bikes are
1) Bullitt
2) Peugeot PX10
3) Moulton.

what do you reckon?