Monday, November 8, 2010

un salut a' mixte humble

I'm a big fan of the mixte frame.There's something quite elegant about the simplicity of the dropped down,twin stay top tubes.The first example, ancient and rusted, was taken in Gertrude St,Collingwood. The second, all shiny and new, with it's French style porteur rack,Greville St,Prahran.


BB said...

I think the second one is a Trek Bellevue, I came as close as a whisper to purchasing one. I would love a mixte and I think guys look great on them too.

slow rpm said...

Thanks BB. I'm sure it was a Trek.(I zoomed the head badge).All of the big companies are getting on the mixte bandwagon now, and good on them. Globe, an off shoot of Specialized, do a particularly sweet mixte.