Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dep't of choice accessories

Located mid Bourke St,just next door to Target,Tokuya has become my new favourite place for accessorizing the rapidly growing fleet of Slow RPM schleppers. It's an Australian version of the ubiquitous Japanese Y100 store.(say Y450,allowing for inflation).Cargo net $3.50.Blow out repair kit $4.50.We went there for a 'look-see' and came out with a lot more than we had bargained for.


The Duck Herder said...

eek! I have been looking everywhere for a cargo net for my bike basket Mr SLOW RPM. The closest I have come are the HUGE ones used to cover box trailers.....

It is perfect!

$3.50. Imagine.

Nice work. I covet your cargo carrier.

slow rpm said...

Dear Ms Duck Herder. Cargo nets can be had,online,from Velo Orange in the US.They will add their usual mark up so you would probably end up paying around $15.(they have a heap of other choice goodies ,as well).

Thanks for your comment re the cargo carrier.It's a box I knocked together with some plywood purchased from the dreaded Bunningtons, sitting inside a 'Gamoh' cargo carrier.