Friday, December 3, 2010

Cargo bike corner~Classic Bicycles

I spotted this heavy duty porter bike in the window of the Classic Bicycle Shop in Grey St,StKilda this morning. These bikes are quite cheap and the finish is a little rough around the edges but the rock solid Indian engineering more than makes up for it.


BB said...

Is that rounded basket on the back a bicycle specific one or is it a wicker fishing creel? It looks great.

slow rpm said...

I suspect it's a wicker fishing basket wich has been plonked on the rear carrier rack. Good, rock solid bikes if you are on a budget.I have noticed that a lot of backpackers get around on them .



m e l i g r o s a said...

im really into those big baskets, esp. rear ones, you see loads of front wicked baskets around here, but not many cute rear ones like that one =)

slow rpm said...

It's a very cute shop,MG!

chillikebab said...

I love that saddle!

slow rpm said...

To be honest with you,Chillikebab,I don't know why people bother with 'shox'when they could be stylin around the streets on a saddle like this.