Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas,Hearties!

May your Christmas be a slow and happy one.And if you live on this side of the equator, not too hot,not too wet.


ian... said...

Merry Christmas Ian :>)

bikelovejones said...

Being Jewish, I have nothing personally invested in the idea; but I've always marveled at folks who celebrate Christmas in warm climates. How do you reconcile decorations of santas and elves sleighing in fur coats with surfing and suntan lotion? Doesn't it mess with your sense of holiday aesthetic at all?
From our vantage point here in the cold, wet/snowy usa it just seems so wacky; but I'm sure there are lots of things about America that leave you shaking your head in equal wonder. (Like NFL football, for example.)

Seriously, Merry Christmas and happy riding in 2011 --bh

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

That has always been a difficult concept for me...being concerned about getting sunburned while going shirtless, wearing cut-offs, and doing summer things with images of Christmas all around. Very weird and strange. Have a nice Christmas.

jonesy said...

And the same to you mate, I've been enjoying reading through your blog since I found you on Duckies page a few days ago. Great to find a blog on a shared interest.
Best regards jonesy.

slow rpm said...

Thankyou all. To someone from the north side of the equator,Christmas' down-under' could seem quite topsy turvy.Santa sweating it out in 30+ heat,a swim at the beach,throwing another shrimp on the barbie,a game of cricket in the backyard.It is a weird concept, but it's what we've grown up with and we love it.



The Duck Herder said...

I agree! There is something very bent about sweating it out in cut off santa suits or reindeer horns and summer frocks eating season inappropriate food in the middle of summer.

Happy Christmas!

m e l i g r o s a said...

merry happy holidays and a happy new year! =)) from quasi-not so cold san francisco xxomeli