Sunday, December 19, 2010

Uniting Church,Penguin

Cycled past my favourite building on the road to Penguin today.Not sure about the influence.Russian Orthodox?,Swedish Lutheran perhaps?


The Duck Herder said...

wow! look at that amazing blue sky. hello there Mr RPM. Its nice to find another orstraylyan bike blog.

I can relate to your downshify up-cycled life.

looking forward to reading more....


slow rpm said...

Why, thankyou Ms Duck Herder.I've always had a thing for ducks and I look forward to reading some more about them.


Ian,Melb via Burnie

BB said...

It looks as though it's begging to have a white Christmas, I can imagine it surronded by snow.

slow rpm said...

I know what you mean,BB. Looking at the Northern Hemisphere blogs,I reckon a white Christmas would be a good thing to experience from time to time.