Friday, June 11, 2010

Arrow Bikes~Yokohama

(image courtesy Arrow Bikes)

I first came across Arrow Bikes during my visits to Yokohama on the big old box boats, Ariake and Arafura. A sign above the door reads 'Simple is best' ,hence the stripped down beauty of these single speed flyers. A sign over the counter reads 'Your bike built by you'. Just choose your components and the owner will help you put it all together. As he says, 'I realized,if I could do it, you could too' My thoughts exactly. I particularly like the passenger chariot and the subtle Japanese colours which you don't find in Australia. Also, the cruiser style, swept back handle bars. Check the web site at right and if you happen to be in the Tokyo/ Yokohama area, please pick up one of those cute wooden bells for me. Picure yourself, helmetless, cruising around Harajuku on one of these pieces of elegance. Pure joy!