Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cargo bike corner

I've been chuffed lately by the number of cargo bikes I've been seeing around Melbourne . Christiania, Gazelle and new kid on the block Countdown cargo bikes from Williamstown (looks suspiciously like a Christiania)are all making an appearance. I was racing back to work yesterday when I passed the lady on the Gazelle.She told me they no longer had a second car at home but relied on the Cabby for shopping, trips to the park etc. I know what you're thinking; It's OK for you inner city types with your dedicated bikes paths and lanes and short distances but what about the folks out in the burbs? Perfect, in my book, for a quick grocery run or school drop off along the sedate back streets of Bentleigh, Brighton ,Glen Waverly etc. They work in Europe and will work here if we give them a nudge. If these are the new 4WD then I'm all for it.
Tip tripping

A beautiful sunny day, a busted micro wave oven that had been lurking behind the wheely bins for far too long, a nice new cargo rack waiting to be proof tested. I could have taken the car but why not make an adventure out of it? Little bit of intitial apprehension but not probs for the mighty Gamoh. ......and didn't I feel pleased with myself.