Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cafe round up. St Ali,Yarra Pl,South Melbourne

Ahh,the famed St Ali. A spare, beautiful sunny morning, the kids at school, Bets and I saddled the steeds and headed for South Melbourne. This cafe is famous for it's single source coffee and 5 star Barristas. Not happy John! Weak,luke warm latte's and what should have been a pleasant little bit of chit chat overruled by constant industrial noise from the coffee making side of the business.  I know I'm getting pretty cranky in my middle age and I don't require zen like calm when I go to a cafe but , decibels at 747 level is just a little bit much. Food was perfect ,though. Beetroot salad and scrambled eggs with mashed avocado and feta on the side. Third time we've been here lately and again the coffee was disappointing. Are Melbourne's barristas suffering burn out, that is the question.