Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ian's Moulton

 Cycling around town on my old Peugeot, I've learned that riding a vintage bike is a little like walking a poodle or (insert your choice of pooch here).It's a great entry level for a bit of friendly chit chat with a total stranger. I met Ian this afternoon riding his Moulton along the Beaconsfield Parade bike path. He told me that he had recently retired but used to commute to Werribee by train with his fold up  and then cycle home. You have to admit, that along with the wonderfully eccentric Dursley Pedersen, the Moulton is one of the few truly unique bikes of the last 50 years or so. I couldn't help noticing that his bike was adorned with Landrover decals and he told me that(according to the myth) once upon a time BL had offered a free Moulton with every vehicle sold. And lets face it, the Moultons probably outlasted the cars by  a heck of a lot of years.

post script : Interested to note that Moulton appear to have been taken over by that other classic British company, Pashley.