Saturday, August 14, 2010


Phil Wood, the inventor of the fully sealed hub, passed away in Roseville, California, back in March. He sold his company to a group of investors in 1991 and today all Phil products are produced in San Jose,CA.People talk about a set of 'Phils' in hushed and reverent tones. Although visually somewhat ungainly, they are as good as indestructible and as close to a frictionless set of hubs as you could ask for. Cyclists tell of their Phils lasting 20 years or more. I've always been partial to a home made product rather than one produced offshore by cheap labour and this is the perfect example. You could frame them and hang em on the wall.As an aside, in retirement, Phil Wood wrote a book on the theory of the Turk's Head knot. My favourite sisal brain buster and perfect for finishing off the final wrap of a handle bar tape. RIP, Phil.