Saturday, August 21, 2010

I ride on~I ride off

Ship + bike = Freedom. In the world of a modern day seafarer,as ports are pushed further and further toward the boondocks, a trip ashore has become a luxury . Many large Scandinavian ships are equipped with a fleet of bicycles for their crews.They are the lucky few. For most sailors, a port stay means being trapped on board while the cars roll off, the oil is pumped in or out, the containers exchanged, the grain poured in. The world ashore wistfully observed in the far and hazy distance. I count my blessings daily. At the beginning of my 4 week 'swing' I load up the  trailer with my 'sea chest' and cycle along the beach road bike path. Daily I have the choice of riding ashore or home depending which side of the Strait I am. and when my 4 weeks are up, I cycle back to the house where my peeps await.