Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Slow~RPM large retail shed parking survey

Three large retail sheds were surveyed. Costco, Docklands, the Australian beach-head of the US retail juggernaught;Ikea,Richmond,Swedish flat pack furniture specialist and Bunnings,Port Melbourne ;Australian, hardware shed.

Costco 1/2*


Giant entry plaza with zero bike parking.Fortunately we found a relatively handy steel rail on which to lock the bikes. Is this the future of retail? Massive people driving massive cars and purchasing massive quantities of stuff? An environmental disaster area. Freezing in winter, boiling in summer and with almost no natural light. And take a gander at that truly awful steel tree shaped object surrounded by bizarre concrete and steel benches. Half a star for the railing.

Ikea **

You've got to love good old Ikea. Beautiful bike parking racks, (although un-covered)close to the exit. Unfortunately it's a three story treck through a multi story car park to get there. And lets be honest, what can you really fit from Ikea onto a bike? Well, quite a lot, now that I come to think of it. Perfect for my new Bullitt Bluebird 75. Dream on, Ian.Bonus points for Ikea's well advertised environmental policy.2stars

Bunnings ***1/2
Undercover, padded parking designed for various sizes of treadlies , parked right next to the rain water recycling tank.Close to the exit and a stone's throw from the Saturday sausage sizzle. Good Aussie planning.Well built, rugged and just a little rough around the edges. 3 1/2 stars.