Saturday, November 13, 2010

A town divided no more

Since pretty much forever,the east and west sides of Burnie have been divided by the port and the railway line. To get from one side to the other, you had to walk/ride inland and cross the tracks at either the rail crossing or the very busy freeway bridge and then back to the beach front. With the opening of the bike bridge, the final piece of the Burnie bike path puzzle has been placed. Cyclists/walkers can now ride/walk from one side to the other along an almost unbroken mostly off road path. For a town seemingly obsessed by car culture, Burnie 'gets'cycling infrastructure more than most. And three cheers for the council who planned all of this.

Having cycled around here for the last 2 years,I get the vibe that bike riding is mostly a leisure activity rather than a daily means of transport.I chased down this happy couple, Troy and Carly, as they crossed the bridge on their spiffy mountain bikes. They both enthused about the new path and we had a brief chit chat about the joy of cycling in Tasmania, and the dream of a path all the way to Hobart.In the meantime,I'm happy with Ullverston via Penguin.
kerplunk,kerplunk,kerplunk along the board walk around west beach.I love the sound that a bike wheel makes, speeding over hardwood planks.

Divided no more.The bridge across the rail line dividing west and east.

East Beach.The path ends about half way to the headland;where it's a bit of a trek along the freeway shoulder up to the old coast road turnoff.
Elegant parking at the east beach sailing club.