Friday, December 10, 2010

e bay blues

This was to have been my rebuild/therapy project for 2011. At $39 it seems too good to be true. The plan is to grit blast and powder coat the frame, apply some new decals and soak up a lot of old French parts that have been lying around in my bike closet for far too long.At the back of my mind is a beautiful blue Path Racer,Brooks trimmings and moustache handle bar.I will then sell one bike from the stable at a small profit and ride the other. 

Things rapidly start to go pear shaped once I get the aforementioned frame home and start scratching around.I notice the fork is bent, most likely by some ham fisted attempt at removing the stem.You know the drill; place the front wheel between your knees and give the handle bars a mighty good twist.Not the end of the world at this stage, as my local bike shop quotes $15 to straighten it out. Now things are starting to get worse.REALLY WORSE.On scraping some paint from the frame I notice that the chain stay has a crack, all the way around.I'm still holding out hope at this stage, as a frame builder at the back of beyond, claims to be able to repair cracked and broken frames.However I now  notice that someone has overtightened the seat clamp,bent the brazed on clamp brackets and then used a punch in the seat tube to prevent the seat post from slipping.By the time I discover the id plate/numbers have been removed/filed from the frame I have pretty much given up all hope.

On the happy side,I now have a good and straight spare Peugeot fork , yet another serviceable head-set and a half OK bottom bracket.I suspect the seller was fairly clueless and knew none of this.Morally,I know I can't on-sell the frame as I certainly wouldn't be prepared to ride it myself.That's ebay for you.Buyer beware.

The angle grinder awaits.