Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calling all penguins

I've been walking around with my eyes half closed for far too long now,blinded  by bills,career,bikes,'life' etc.Time to slow down,take a look around and appreciate the small things right on my doorstep. This  little colony of Fairy Penguins live just at the end of the StKilda jetty,not half a km from our front door.The Penguins nest along the entire length of the sea wall but the council has created a short  board walk along this section where you can spot a few sleepy Penguins snoozing after a long night of fishing in the bay. With the recent heavy rains the bay has become quite cloudy and biologists are worried they may have trouble finding fish to eat. I hope they don't go hungry. If you go down there at night keep an eye out for the native water rats.


bikelovejones said...

Wow! Your reports of life Down Under keep messing with my stereotypical images of "summer". Penguins! How cool!

slow rpm said...

Hi BLJ:So long as you didn't watch 'Oprah downunder'~now that would really mess with your head. (And if you did,don't believe half of what you saw.)



The Duck Herder said...

oh too cute!

I visited Montague Island once - Kikuyu was killing off all the penguins - making it impossible for them to get up from the beach to their little burrows under the lomandras.....and smothering the lamandras which were easy to move under and to build nests under. So the National Parks folks built wooden nests for EVERY penguin family on the island while they irradiated the kikuyu. Which means you can post a letter to any penguin family on the island, as long as you know their house number.....

its the little things.

slow rpm said...

Hello Ms Duck Herder,

To be honest with you, when compared with the behaviour of humans,just across the road in Acland street, the penguins seem pretty dignified.



The Duck Herder said...

yep. Hanging out with the humans is overrated methinks.