Saturday, January 15, 2011

hey ho,lets go (shopping)

There's a lot of very ordinary front carriers out there. Expensive,wobbly and not very durable.I've had this project in mind for quite a while now. Originally I had thoughts of an aluminium framed porteur rack in the old French style.Lot's of tubing,rivets,fasteners and a little bit of blind faith bending.Anything to avoid welding,which I can't do.In reality,the whole contraption would have looked  nerdy and makeshift.Think Mecano project circa 1970.It all seemed too hard and not quite achievable until it hit me. Build the box first and then the frame around it. Ideally, it would be capable of holding 2 enviro shopping bags side by side weighing 5kg each and, hopefully, strut free. It would be easily removable, and transferable between the fleet of Slow RPM schleppers.Needless to say, it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye with that particular sense of French elan.

For a more detailed explanation,check out Nerd Corner on the RHS of my blog.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I have created many items to fit my needs the very same way for the very same reason...I don't know how to weld. In the end, I think it looks even better. Viva la difference.

bikelovejones said...

Nice box! I like the stained look of the wood. Classy.

BTW, how ARE you down there? up here, between reports of our local Johnson Creek overflowing yet again (does this every year, nothing new or worrisome unless you were dumb enough to buy a house on its banks), we hear that the massively insane flooding has spread into your state of Victoria. Are you OK? Is it time to break out the paddle bike?

slow rpm said...

Hi S&Y.O.T.L.~I know what you mean.With projects like this,I find that by the time I have finished,I need to start the whole thing all over again in order to use the knowledge I gained .I'm still toying with the idea of easily removed struts if the whole thing collapses under load.

G'day BLJ~Thanks for your comments. Fairly major flooding in regional Victoria but nothing compared to the devastation in Queensland.Strange days,indeed, with our weather going sub tropical rather than the usual blast furnace type conditions we get at this time if year. Now that you mention it,I reckon the Bullitt could easily be converted to amphibian!