Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nerd alert!~recumbent corner

There's something refreshingly nerdy  about recumbent riders.I suspect they are the kind of blokes who think nothing of welding up their own aluminium frame,spraying it and then building it up in their own complex way.

I bumped into these gentlemen on my way home from Costco the other day.

The yellow bike had some kind of fibre glass faring.Perhaps used for storage space or possible conversion to amphibian transporter?The red bike was a tandem and had a spiffy attachment at the back end for transporting a spare bike. His son was riding shot gun and his bike was attached to the aforementioned rack.

I loved the elegant simplicity of this green recumbent,with the top tube sweeping over the rider's right shoulder. He had ridden all the way from Hastings with Snowy on his lap.This would be a distance of around 80k's.He was REALLY moving.

Nice work fellas. Glad to see no one wearing the dreaded legionnaires cap under the helmet!!!


Trevor Woodford said...

My experience of recumbents is that they CAN REALLY SHIFT. I was amazed at how fast they were up hills.
Thanks for sharing these pics with us.

slow rpm said...

G'day Trevor.Thanks for checking out my blog.When you think about it,these bikes make a lot of sense. Sitting almost horizontal and pushing back against a seat. Still, you won't be seeing me on one in the near future.



Axel said...

Only three and a half years later I find my picture on your blog! Good shot! The tandem and its riders are now roaming German streets again, still missing Melbourne every now and then...