Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bridgetown Bikes ,1963

My father always had a thing for Raleigh bicycles.I always thought it was the old 'British is best'argument but looking at this photo he took in 1963 got me thinking.He would have passed this bike shop every week on the journey to Lodge school where he was a border, and dreamt of a spiffy new Raleigh bike. Well,eventually,he left Barbados and was working in the London advertising industry when he finally had the money for a shiny new set of wheels.Raleigh,of course,metallic gold with black fenders and a beautiful Brooks saddle. He used it a few times before migrating to Australia where it sat forlornly in the garage, before being sold.Wish I still had it.


m e l i g r o s a said...

that is beautiful little post and equally nice photo. I spot the sigh up there by the roof =))

slow rpm said...

Thanks MG. I wonder what the people in the foreground are talking about?Are they a couple or just colleagues? There are some bikes parked in front of the bike shop.I wonder what make they were? Shepard and Co Ltd dep't store still exists as does Barclays Bank.

Oh to be in Barbados in 1963!