Sunday, March 20, 2011


There's a wopping lot of blogs out there about all things 'cycle chic'.And hey,it's a beautiful thing, but this blog is not one of them.I'm more of a blunnies  and Hard Yakka type of bloke myself, hence this occasional series on 'clobber'. Clobber,cycle clothing for the blokey bloke.

For you overseas readers,Blundstone boots are an Australian institution.Made in Hobart,Tasmania, since almost forever,they recently moved most of their production to Malaysia.Big blunder,in my book. Anyways,they are perfect clobber for the cyclist.Water proof,laceless and you can slip em on and slip em off with ease.


jonesy said...

Hey mate, love the clobber, a man after my own self for sure. And I have to get on to building one off those neat front carriers soonish. But you are going to love this. The other day after one of your later posts I lashed out and got myself on of those flash leather saddles, the fearless leader wasn't to impressed with the hole in the bank balance but what the hell, I love it, of course I blamed it on you so I'm safe enough for now ;). Thanks for the great reads though mate it bucks the spirits up a bit for sure.

slow rpm said...

No worries,bloke.Hope you get well soon.I've enjoyed you blog;your have a good way with words.

Re the Brooks saddle. I found it took about 6 months to wear in. The saddle or my back side~I'm not sure which.Perhaps a bit of both. My wife is pretty cool with this bike thing as we don't run a second car and I can do a lot of car stuff with the Bullitt.



The Duck Herder said...

LOVE IT!!!! Hooray for blunies (a duck herder's footwear of choice) and Hooray for BIKE CLOBBER!!!!!!!!!

i look forward to regular posts on this topic!

The Duck Herder said...

And Jonsey, you are SO BUSTED!!!!!

slow rpm said...

No worries,clobbers! In my rush to publish the post I completely neglected the Blundstone back story for OS readers so will do it now. (and in the interests of truthfulness, the shirt I am wearing is a Paul Smith,10 dollars from the Sacred Heart Op shop in Grey street.)