Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hipsterishness in Carlisle Street

Seen in Carlisle street.A little bit hipsterish,I know,but I'm a sucker for a Brooks saddle, a leather tool bag and a nice set of blue velocity deep vees.


The Duck Herder said...

those lolly colored hand grips are pretty cute to methinks.

Trevor Woodford said...

Cool......Very cool..!

slow rpm said...

Trevor,What can I say? Not only am I a bike nerd,I've become a bike voyeur as well!


slow rpm said...

Hello Ms Herder, I love the grips as well.That purpley mauve reminds me of those toys you used to find in the corn flake packets back in the 70s.(and also the trippy single fin surfboards my sister's boy friend used to make)They are made by Oury and you can find them in the cooler bike shops around the place.