Monday, March 28, 2011

a little oasis

The real StKilda left the building a good 30 odd years ago, overrun by yups,tourists and big biz chain stores. So three cheers for little pockets of resistance and originality such as Honeyweather and Speight.


.......please don't go, Mr Honeyweather and Mrs Speight..


Trevor Woodford said...

There are always some who are prepared to hold out against the 'tide' and long may it be the case...


slow rpm said...

G'day Trevor.I guess there's no point trying to live in the past.Life moves on,buildings are torn down,new ones go up,things constantly change. I shudder every time I visit the bayside suburb to which my parents migrated (from England)over 45 years ago. As you say, so long as a few braves souls are able to hold out ,there's hope for us all.