Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Streets of our town

Here in Lovetown we are spoiled  for choice when it comes to bike paths,particularly those who live in the bayside suburbs.This is fast becoming one of our favourite rides. Take the beach path to Beacon Cove, hang a right and follow the tram tracks to the city. If you are up for it, wait for the tram to depart and see who comes first.In my case, the tram always wins.

One km to go and time out for a little bit of tram spotting. 'W' class are always a big hit in the slow rpm household.I'm not sure why,but the Victorian government presented one to Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark as a wedding gift.I wonder if they are allowed to take it for a spin on the weekend?


Trevor Woodford said...

Are there speed limits on your bike paths.....?

slow rpm said...

Hi Trevor.As far as I know,there are no speed limits on Australian bike paths. A tram trundles along at around 60k and allowing for a lot of stops on this particular line,you can just about beat it.Not that I'm advocating reckless behaviour,mind you.