Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too much time on my hands

one side

the other side

 This is just the prototype and it's a little rough around the edges. A lot of drilling,sawing,filing and generally hacking away was involved.The next one should be a whole lot smoother.


The Duck Herder said...

Now THAT is seriously gorgeous. And FUNCTIONAL!!!!

Here is a man who puts his style and attention to detail into his BIKE. Apart from that Paul Smith shirt of course.

When can I put in my order?

Nice going Mr Slow RPM. Very nice indeed.

slow rpm said...

You are much to kind,Ms Duck Herder.Ruby from 'Ruby's guide to vintage'has an order in for the next one and if that turns out ok ,it may be time to get seriously professional. They just bolt to the bottom of a Topeak rear carrier and I am planning to cut a bunch of Hockneyesque' beans in the ends to reduce the weight a little bit. It does feel good to be able to carry a bunch of stuff without being weighed down by a backpack.