Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cycling~sailing Swedish style

I've been doing some moonlighting lately with my old company 'Wally Wills'.It's a good wicket;I get to travel the country,catch up with old colleagues and try to remember what I had forgotten.Aniara is a 7,600 rt43 car carrier owned by Wallenius OY of Stockholm.(an rt43 is the size of a car based on the old Toyota Corolla.And aren't you glad to learn that!)

I never saw a Wallenius ship which didn't have a fleet of bikes on board.With ports being pushed further and further into the sticks,it only makes sense to have some means of escape.

Chief Officer Patrik and his shipmates heading ashore in Fremantle. Where does a sailor go in Freo?To visit Bonn Scott's grave, of course.


ian... said...

Bon Scott - A Whole lotta Rosie!

Thanks for the RT43 factoid :>D Have I got this right? Is the ship designed to carry 7,600 Corollas?

(sounds a bit huge!)

slow rpm said...

Ian,that's correct. With all 13 decks in position this ship could carry 7600 cars however this is rarely the case as she carries a mix of cars,trucks,tractors and assorted 'break bulk'cargo. Hence the term PCTC~pure car and truck carrier. Where container ships are measured by the number of 20' boxes they carry,these ships are measured in 'rt43'.phew!

Incidently,the rpm of the diesel used to move this ship is classified 'slow' at around 120.


slow rpm said...

...dirty deeds done dirt cheap!!!!