Monday, May 16, 2011

hello waffles

My sister,speaking at our father's funeral, reminded us of how many pets we had in our household when growing up.I'd forgotten about this.Our parents,having purchased a big old weatherboard house, were incredibly relaxed with small animals and pretty much anything went.Goldfish,budgies,two dogs,a couple of cats and a guinea pig. I have no idea why it's taken us so long to reach this point, despite years of serious nagging by our children. Anyways,I'm glad we're there now. It's feels good to have a small puppy in the house,gnawing away at the furniture and any feet that happen to get in the way. Welcome,Waffles!!!


The Duck Herder said...

Well HELLO scruff waffle!

slow rpm said...

Busy? Watch out ducks.This one's a herder!

Trevor Woodford said...

That is some cute little puppy...!!


Chandra said...

Adorable puppy! Enjoy!!
Peace :)