Thursday, June 30, 2011

Melburn Roobaix

Well, the Melburn Roobaix, organized by the inimitable Andy White of Fyxomatosis fame, has been and gone.Now in it's sixth year, the Melburn Roobaix is fast becoming  the ne plus ultra of cycling events  here in Lovetown.The Roobaix involves 40kms of blue stone laneways,whatever hills Melbourne can throw in the way, mixed together with tram clogged roads and the odd cycle path.Loosely based on the Paris Roubaix which is a race,the Melburn is just an endurance test. There's no first place,everyone who completes the course is a winner with prizes awarded to cutest couple,best dressed,dirtiest rider etc.

Bone jarring bluestone torture at the end of a typical Melbourne laneway.

Best dressed?

I'm always impressed by a man who can ride a bike in the full batwoman leathers plus heels.

Gutsiest effort in my book. Riding the Roobaix on a heavy old Melbourne 'Bluebelle'.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Oh that sounds and looks like way too much fun. I don't know if you saw my post of a couple days ago "The Race". I missed the boat on that one. Why didn't I enter? Don't ask for I don't know.

Chandra said...

Cool costumes and neat bikes! I would be afraid of melting inside the Batman leathers though!

Peace :)

slow rpm said...

Hey hey Cpt Sinbad and you. I did see your post.I missed the boat also.(I wasn't sure, when the registrations opened 4 months ago,whether I would be on the ferry or off,so I opted to just spectate instead.)Hopefully next year I'll know for sure.



slow rpm said...

G'day Chandra. Even though it's mid winter here in Melbourne,it was quite a warm day. That suit would have been pretty 'scientific' after 40kms up hill and down dale!!