Saturday, July 23, 2011

cargo bike corner

We met Lachlan last week, waiting to cross Beach road. He was doing deliveries for the 'Tap House' in Balaclava and was on a beer run. He could of course used the 'Van Dude', parked at the traffic lights but instead chose some sunshine and exercise with his Long John cargo bike.


bikelovejones said...

I LOVE cargo bikes. Even my humble, non-custom Surly Big Dummy makes me smile whenever I need it to haul stuff. I use it to haul the weekly recycling for the shop; during the warmer-weather months I carry my guitar to synagogue services and enjoy a breezy five-mile ride into town.

Cargo bikes are wonderful because they show the possibilities of a car-light or car-free life:

slow rpm said...

I'm a big fan of cargo bikes,too,BLJ. This number was really heavy duty,an old style 'Long John'. Not like my fancy pants Bullitt,whichI do love,by the way.



Lachlan T said...


That bike is indeed a bit hard to ride. Pretty heavy and hard to corner. Just to let you know, I don't own the Taphouse, but will be do beer deliveries for them on the bike from next weekend. Call up 1300 GROWLER for more info.



slow rpm said...

Hey,thanks Lachlan.I'll update the story now.Check out Copenhagenize for a cool dude from Chicago doing deliveries on a Bullitt.(Chicago cargo) Anyways,good luck with your deliveries.Hope it goes well.