Thursday, July 21, 2011

fess'n up

I must fess up.As a sailor,I only work 6 months of the year,4 weeks on 4 weeks off etc etc. It's a little like practice for retirement. Small tasks become major time markers.Wake up,check the dashboard,read the paper,put the coffee on,take waffles for a walk. In order to preserve  my co pilot's sanity,I have come up with little routines to pass the time and get me out of the house and from under her shoes. One of these being 'the trip to the tip' Once the two green bags are full,off I go.

A cruisy half hour along here

A happy half hour here, poking amongst the 'trash'.

A guilty coffee here.

And there goes the morning.Bowls anyone?


BB said...

I'm also practising retirement choosing to work only a couple of shifts a week, as that's all I need to keep myself on the planet and I value my time more than dosh. But, I think I'll keep practising until I'm about 80 :)

slow rpm said...

I'm with you,BB.'totes' as the young generation would say.I suspect we reach a point in life,when the odometer is clicking over way to fast ,that we decide it's best to take the foot off the gas and enjoy the scenery.

The Duck Herder said...

love it. It has been a big adjustment for Mr Duck to have MRs Duck working from home, the SAME home as well. And I completely understand that a simple task is actually more like an expedition......completely! Thats the thing with big fat comfy bikes.....time slows down as well - its not just you!

slow rpm said...

BB:I apologise for the automotive metaphore.What I should have writtten~'the old pedometer is ticking over way too fast these days,time to swap the lightweight 18speed for a big old cruiser!'

slow rpm said...

Thanks for the comment, Mrs Herder.It is very nice to step off the treadmill,if only momentarily.The trick in life,in my book,is to decide when you're happy with what you've achieved and then slow down to appreciate the ride. Easy for me to say,as I was lucky enough to go away to sea when jobs were aplenty and the pay was good. Sadly,it just ain't the same anymore.