Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fixative

In some circles,the handle bar of a treadlie is called the 'flight deck'. This then, would be the flight deck of an old time 'stick and rudder' man/ woman.

Seen in Gertrude Street,Collingwood.


BB said...

Love the old speedo! Watching the arrow bob would give a much better sense of achievement than noting an LCD number.

Chandra said...

Hi Ian,
Google is not displaying the picture - FYI!

Peace :)

slow rpm said...

G'day BB.I was given something similar for Christmas back in the 70s.It was a kind of counter that bolted to the front fork. A little gizmo attached to a spoke activated a cog on said counter which then added up the miles,taking no account of wheel diameter. It lasted all of one day until the gizmo jammed and broke the spoke!

slow rpm said...

Hey,thanks Chandra.To be honest with you,I think these computers are just a passing fad!