Friday, July 15, 2011

I dream of sheds

Like most inner city blokes,I dream of a shed where I can bang away at nails,disassemble old bikes,fiddle with the mower and generally tool around.In the meantime I'll have to make do with a Gorilla bench and dog kennel on the back porch.


The Duck Herder said...

hee hee. I note the cone of shame on your little doggy.

slow rpm said...

Cone of shame?That's an Elizabethan collar to you Ms Herder! Waffles has just had her 'operation' and will be back to full busyness on Monday.


Chandra said...

I had one in my past life. Shaggy (my dog-son) loved to dig a hole underneath and lay under the shed during hot days.

They can be very handy, especially if ventilated properly.

The puppy is adorable@

Paz :)

PS. Nice Blundstones :)

BB said...

What a sweet-natured furr-kid, that she'll let you sub-let her roof garden!

slow rpm said...

Hey there Chandra.Those Blundstones are there only courtesy of the dog'collar'.Once that comes off they will be chewed to pieces if I don't put them away.



slow rpm said...

Hello again,BB.Well spotted.We designed the kennel to have a sun deck,hence the lack of pitch.If only we can work out a simple way for her to get up there once summer comes. In the mean time,it does come in handy as a storage space.



Chandra said...

Hi Ian,
You better put them boots some place safe, like on your feet, before the little one gets'em. BTW, we just got a new pup. You can check her out on my other blog, if you like:

The little dog has already had a bite of my newly purchased "Bicycling Science" book!

Gotta keep on eye on that lil gal!

Peace :)