Sunday, August 14, 2011

doggy world

Waffles makes a friend.

Its been over 30 years since I belonged to that parallel universe known as 'Doggy World'. A world where we look slightly down our noses at the owners of 'lesser breeds' and become instant friends of those who choose the same breed as us. Where we become  experts of the fine nuance that make our pooch just that little bit superior. The uprightness of the tail,the jauntiness of the gait,just the right amount of sheen.

I jest. It's a good place,the K9 universe and I'm happy to be part of it all over again.


BB said...

OMG!! Seriously! That's it! Waffles and one little photo! Please, a whole string of snaps featuring Waffles with various bikes. It's too cruel teasing us with that snippet of cuteness!

slow rpm said...

It's lazy,cheap, bloogging,I know ,BB,to post photos of a puppy in order to increase the hits.More to follow!



Chandra said...

The pups are lookin' good. Nothing cheap about a post about the pups; it's all good!

Peace :)

slow rpm said...

Thankyou,Chandra. I'm looking forward to the next round of vegetarian recipies.