Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fixative at Il Fornaio

Feeling a little poorly today,hence the lazy,winter's afternoon blogging. Seen tied up at Il Forniao. Whenever I see a bike like this,I often wonder whether anyone will ever knock Brooks off the perch? There's no doubt about it,a Brooks saddle and bar tape will give any old treadlie a touch of class.Just take a look at the Slow RPM Schlepper. 5 stars.


Chandra said...

Pretty bike and a nice pup!
Peace :)

slow rpm said...

I'm a big fan of pups and path racers,Chandra! said...

I think you are right about the Brooks saddle and the taping, I need to add these to my vintage bike, she will look really classy, even with all the rusty parts!

slow rpm said...

To be honest with you,I really suffer for the aesthetics of a Brooks saddle. Saddle sores,pain etc etc.The leather bar tape,however,is sublime. It's quite easy to do it yourself.I just practised wrapping some cheapo synthetic tape before I applied the Brooks. Once you've ridden with leather bar tape,I suspect you'd never go back.

BTW.I was just a blow-in Novacastrian.Studied navigation at the Tighes Hill Tech back in the late 70's and have only fond memories of riding my Bennet 10 speed to the beach to check out the surf at Dixon Park,Barr Beach ,Mereweather etc. Hence I love following your blog!



The Duck Herder said...

Agreed. 5 stars.

ALso, you know, I LOVE my brooks saddle, but I am not convinced it is the most comfortable option available.

Suffering for my art!

slow rpm said...

I'm thinking ,perhaps I should just keep a Brooks saddle for special occasions and the rest of the time use my comfy old Charge 'Ladle'.hmmmm.