Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nouveau Style update

Wowee bobee.Look just what came back from the powder coaters.My Nouveau Style Peugeot is nearly ready to go.


Max Valiant said...

Hey there, it looks good.

I'm still tossing up if I do the same thing. Did you pull the two halves apart for the powder coating job? It looks like it might be a simple 'C' clip that holds it all together.

Where did you get it done? Was it pricey?

Cheers, I'll enjoy watching this.

slow rpm said...

Hi Max V. The photo really doesn't do it justice.It's much blue-er and shiny-er in real life. The two halves don't come apart~there is a permanent pin in one side. In the other side is a locking pin and bolt which screws up hard against the flange plate and then a lever and cam locks the whole thing REALLY tight. I have been riding it around the city and it feels nice and solid. Will fit the mud guards this weekend agw. Need them for sure at this time of year!

Huw at Commuter Cycles arranged the powder coating.Cost was $150 and I'll also apply the decals this weekend.


ian... said...

A beaut - looks better than new :>)

slow rpm said...

Thanks Ian. It's all up and going and will post some photos soon. Fits nicely in the boot which allows me to park out side of the city and ride the rest of the way in.