Saturday, October 1, 2011

My new favourite chemical

Chemtec, purchased from my local yacht chandler,is my new favourite chemical.It's formulated to return old stainless steel to near new, shiny brightness. Just dunk it in,leave for a few minutes and then brush with an old tooth brush 

Rinse with fresh water and presto! Peugeot seat binder bolt all shiny and new.

note: you don't need to pour the used liquid away. Just return it to the bottle and use it again (and again).Then, when it's reached the end of it's life,take it to your local waste transfer station for safe disposal.


Max Valiant said...

That stuff looks like it's a fine thing. I have been sanding back my stainless fenders and polishing them up. Maybe I should have just got some of this stuff. I have some rust on my seat post binder. I'm sure it's chromed. Perhaps it's stainless steel underneath. Or is the Chemtec just cleaning your chromed binder?

Looking good. It'll be a fine specimen when you're finished. I'm tossing up whether to leave the original paint and decals or jump in and redo it all. I'll be rechroming my racks and other bits and bobs, so maybe the new paint would suit it. Hmmmm. I'll be watching with interest.

Cheers MV

slow rpm said...

Hi Max V. It looks really, really, good.I wil post some photos soon. The chemtech works really well on chromed surfaces. The rims, which had quite heavy spot rust, came up like new.

To be honest.I keep this bike in the boot and only ride it from a carpark in South Melbourne to the office and also around the city at lunch time. That's about as far as I would want to go.

Even with 165mm cranks, the pedals bottom out very easily.