Saturday, November 19, 2011

be free

There's so much depressingly awful graffiti around the streets these days that I almost skipped for joy when I saw this at the end of Carlisle Street.Shades of Banksy?


ian... said...

Hehe could be!

The Duck Herder said...

Love it!

slow rpm said...

Hi Ian,

At first I thought she was carrying an ammo type 'gun' but then I realized it was a calking gun.As you can see,the playing cards are starting to fall off.

Sadly, the real Banksy artwork in a downtown alleyway was painted over by council workers.Woops!

slow rpm said...

Yeah,I do too,Madam Duck Herder. There always something quite humbling when an artist takes the time to decorate an ordinary public place.Hope it don't wash off in all this rain we've been having lately.