Wednesday, November 9, 2011

oh joy

Seen on my way to work yesterday,this beautifully crocheted bike stand,by Twilight Taggers.I wonder, do they crochet the tube at home and then fit it,or just crochet it on the spot? Either way,in a world of such awful graffiti,I'm in love with Twilight Taggers.


BB said...

Hi Ian,

It's called 'yarnbombing' :)

We even get it in Perth. I'm rather fond of it - having the more mundane, everyday utilities given a 'teacosy'. They knit/crochet it away from the site normally and then crochet or slip stitch it in place.

If you Google it there are some way over the top examples. I'm always trying to persuade people that knitting and cycling go hand in hand. :)

Twilight Taggers said...

Thanks for your appreciation of my art. I'm glad it made your day. And to answer your question, I crochet or loom the pieces first and then go and sew them onto the object. :)

Have a great day said...

Twilight Tagger.. she is a GEM.. talented girl - making this world a prettier place !!!

slow rpm said...

Hi BB. I'm really glad that this is happening on your side of the continent. I love it that people take the time to make a mundane object beautiful, plus protect my nice new paint work from being damaged. I wonder if they make a 'knitting Nancy'in this size?!!!

Thanks for the info Ms T T. I was reminded of the work of 'Bert' in Copenhagen who carves sensual shapes into any old piece of timber he finds lying around the streets.You can see his handy work at classic copenhagen.blogspot.

....and thanks for your comment too,HAGD. We are lucky to have such talented and dedicated people in the world!