Sunday, November 6, 2011

rattle rattle, ting ting

Sharing narrow roads with trams is the day to day reality here in Lovetown.The number one rule we teach our children in the slow-rpm household is:if you hear a tram rumbling up behind you and someone opens a car door,hit the brakes and AIM FOR THE DOOR. Swerving around a car door can only result in a,very ,very bad situation.

The cyclist in red,in the above photo has some pretty serious issues.Riding 2 abreast with a 'W' class behemoth bearing down on her.Parked cars to the left and no where to go.

Do you have trams in your part of the world? How do you deal with them?


Chandra said...

Hi Ian,
We have some street cars in uptown Dallas, but not around where we live. I have ridden alongside a tram, but can't claim I know all the tricks there may be to riding in that environment.

Door zones are very dangerous, indeed!

Paz :)

Jemma said...

No trams here in London, but plenty of buses and taxi's to squash you into the curb!

slow rpm said...

Hello Chandra. It's also incredibly dangerous for the passengers,as motorists speed up the inside of the tram to get to the red light,in order to overtake on the green. (which is illegal,if the tram has stopped)When disembarking,you have to keep a REALLY sharp lookout.



slow rpm said...

Hi Jemma. As with most things,Melbourne is pretty tame when compared to London!I can't imagine cycling down Oxford Steet in peak hour,fluoro vest or no fluoro vest.