Sunday, November 13, 2011

veg out

They wouldn't stand a chance.

Sometime ago,Nick Cave described how StKilda had become a 'yuppie nightmare'.It was a pretty apt description.Three cheers,then,for Veg Out.Built on the site of the old StKilda bowling club,the Veg Out community garden has become a little oasis of sanity in a desert of shabby apartment developments. Can't wait for 'carrots by candlelight'


The Duck Herder said...

what a fantastic little corner of grooviness!

you might need to buy Ruffles some chickens for Christmas......

slow rpm said...

Hey there,Ms Duck Herder,

Across the road from Veg Out is the most depressingly awful pre fab concrete building development. I hope they don't get thier greedy little mitts on this.

Perhaps even groovier would have been the original bowling club? White shorts, long socks and a spiffy little straw trilby. I'm there!