Monday, December 12, 2011


Call it what you will,but a fair amount of clothes sharing takes place in the Slow RPM household. This beautiful Blaklader  jacket belongs to our daughter Ruby. Designed and constructed in Sweden from %100 pure cotton drill,this garment is perfect for the every day cyclist. Check that 'totes excellent' phone pocket on the left hand sleeve, and for the inner nerd in you,there's a built in key lanyard in the right pocket. Discreet reflective trimmings and a hidden ruler pocket make this the perfect garment for the cycling carpenter. 5 stars from me.


Trevor said...

Certainly looks the part.....Is it water proofed?


ian... said...

Ha nice Ian - you wouldn't think it was workwear either! Just had a nose at their website too & there are quite a few things on there I'd wear outside of the day job.

In particular I reckon the 'Anti-Flame Underpants' (item 1896) would be handy the morning after a Vindaloo or Jal Frezi ;>D

slow rpm said...

Trevor,Not water proofed at all. With summer just starting here in Ozz,it's the perfect garment for an evening ride.

slow rpm said...

Ian. We bought this jacket at the Swedish Church christmas fete. There's an outfit in England called lakes work wear that stocks Blaklader,amongst others. I have used them before~great service.



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