Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Happies

Being a sailor,I work a 4 week on, 4 week off roster. I should be used to holidays and relaxing, but for some strange reason,I can never really relax until that glorious 6 day break between Christmas and the New Year.Wish I knew why. For the rest of the year, my time off is spent doing the usual domestications.School drop off, house work, cooking,maintenance blah blee blah. But for those magic 6 days, it's every man/women for him/her self in the Slow RPM household.Hence, books get read(love your work, Mr Richards, who would've thunk?), movies are watched(nice one,Geoffrey Rush) and a lot of miles are pedaled. Its a little late, I know, but a heap of New Year happies,y'all.