Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bianchi bikenomics

This Bianchi commuter goes for 600aud in my local bike shop.Not quite the cheapest, but still fairly low when compared to most other bikes in the showroom.As far as I know, the retailer marks it up %100 from wholesale.$300. Freight,Taiwan/China to Australia, say $10.(you can get an awful lot of these,knocked down,in a 40ft box)We are now down to $290 ex wharf,Keelung. This is where I lose the plot.Wheels,frame,drive train,brakes,paint,rack,fenders,labour etc etc. all for less than $300???I know that Chinese factory workers are paid peanuts so the labour component is most likely minimal.Still,the basic parts come in at less than my Phil Wood hubs. I must admit,the bike rides like crap and I certainly don't begrudge the cost of my hubs. Just wondering, thats all.