Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calling all penguins

I've been walking around with my eyes half closed for far too long now,blinded  by bills,career,bikes,'life' etc.Time to slow down,take a look around and appreciate the small things right on my doorstep. This  little colony of Fairy Penguins live just at the end of the StKilda jetty,not half a km from our front door.The Penguins nest along the entire length of the sea wall but the council has created a short  board walk along this section where you can spot a few sleepy Penguins snoozing after a long night of fishing in the bay. With the recent heavy rains the bay has become quite cloudy and biologists are worried they may have trouble finding fish to eat. I hope they don't go hungry. If you go down there at night keep an eye out for the native water rats.