Monday, February 28, 2011

and so speaketh the 'King'

I was interested to read this interview in 'Ride'magazine with 'King' Lieu,the Taiwanese founder of Giant bicycles.I'm not sure if the Chinese public will buy his'cycling equipment'argument. I would have thought the way they had 'done it in the past'was more than satisfactory.

"Riding a bike used to be a means of transportation for the Chinese people.But now they have cars,they are stuck in traffic jams and they don't talk to each other anymore because they're all behind the windows of their cars.This has to change!They have to go by bike again,but differently from how they've done it in the past.They need full cycling equipment to enjoy the ride:jersey,shorts,helmet,racing bike.Cycling is more than just a way of going from point A to point B.It's  a lifestyle.It's about fitness.And it can be a competition as well."

But wait.There's more.Apparently the Dutch also need to be taught the correct way to ride a bicycle.

"I wanted to see the infrastructure of a country where 27 per cent of the population use bicycles. I've also seen that even in the Netherlands,you can make the people ride differently as I've not seen many of them wearing cycling kits or helmets.

So there you have it.I doubt that we'll see the average Dutch cyclist wearing a Giant 'cycling kit' any time soon.