Friday, April 1, 2011

One hundred Blue Belles

It's not very often that you'll see 100 Melbourne bikeshare bikes ,aka 'Blue Belles',parked in the one  place at the same time.I suspect 100 have never been rented at any one time but who knows? So a big thanks to Andy White,the indefatigable author/ owner of Fyxomatosis and the lovely Danny and Sian of Liaison cafe  for organizing the inaugural Melbourne 'En Masse'.

Ridgway Place,home of Liaison and the consulate of Monaco.

100 Blue Belles

100 free coffees and the chance to win one of these......

beautiful Giant treadlies from CBD cycles.

Blane from Cargone couriers was there with his mobile sound system.

Andy White  of Fyxomatosis(in spotted t shirt)  and two other hangers on. Andy is a tireless promoter of all things cycling in Melbourne and one of the truly all round good and generous blokes of the Australian cycling world.